Giving Thanks

…Give Thanks.. Thanks Giving…

Giving Thanks.. for the giving.. Giving Thanks for living.. Giving Thanks for my health.. Giving Thanks for my ability to create wealth… Giving Thanks for this talent of words.. Giving Thanks for the ability to be heard.. Giving Thanks for the folks of my kin.. Giving Thanks for forgiveness of my sin.. Giving thanks for my friends.. Giving thanks that they are truly genuine..Giving Thanks for the gifts most precious.. Giving Thanks for the little one that I have been blessed with..Giving Thanks too many blessing to name.. Giving Thanks for the obstacles I overcame.. Giving Thanks that my mind is sane…Giving Thanks that I don’t have to sleep in the cold rain..  Giving Thanks that I can see, hear and feel.. Giving Thanks is how I keep it real..  Giving Thanks is a daily thing I do.. not just once a year.. how about you?

Da Write Chick.. aka  Poetess Oddisee.. aka..Shivendra…  copyright 2012.


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