She died before she lived…

She died before she lived..

Wow So Intense, I ‘m stumped and downright mystified

By how you didn’t live before you died,

but you died to live and generously give

so that you could have life

you gave them your all as employee, sister, friend, and wife.

To live freely with less strife, you left that life…

Wow it’s still a mystery

how you rewrote your history

And had to rearrange the life priority,

not to please the majority but to God be the glory.

So now you can share your write story.

How to live, give, and remain positive…in the midst of the storms and lessons of life

Without an umbrella for protection, the Good book for your direction

And no passport to escape the internal resurrection

That you endured. As the hooks of life lured

you away, for long you didn’t stay..

But returned, refreshed and soul renewed

I remember what you said when you wrote it’s not me.. it’s you

But now your spirit is brand new

like sweet morning dew

You have a new song to sing

Cause the new you brings

That wholeness, boldness

That God originally created.

Revealed the long awaited


To release what is already mine

You can now shine

Even in the dark

I see your spark

As you embark

And embrace the newly transformed you..

Wow so amazing what God can do…

I am no longer stumped but still mystified how you cannot live until you die!

Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee
copyright 2012


11 thoughts on “She died before she lived…

  1. Derrick Scott

    Hey, I’ve read a couple of your writings so far and they’re good, but this one really takes the cake …I guess because you touched on one of my favorite topics “renewal” Keep putting your all into this craft, Thanks for writing

  2. Nadyess

    Very nice! Reading this wonderful post yours reminds me how I’ve missed the blogging. I’m glad to be back! Thanks a lot for sharing and I wish you a Happy New Year! May all your dreams and wishes come true! 🙂

    1. Da Write Chick Post author

      Thanks so much for heartfelt comment! I really appreciate you reading and I enjoy your blog also. Happy to have you back writing 🙂 Same to you Happy New Year, continued success on your blog and all endeavors and God Bless 🙂


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