Too Many Lives Lost…

I feel disgraced

By our human race

Or maybe by a small few

Who commit crimes like they do

That kill and steal from hardworking people like me and you

As I think about Newtown, Columbine, Virginia Tech and all of the massacres ;

the worldwide daily disasters

seen and heard way to often

too young to be lying in a coffin

The stream of tears I cry

As I wonder why

Defenseless children and people had to die

Suddenly without saying goodbye

I feel intense pain, heartache and disdain

as my eyes rain

water overflowing

God is all knowing

And has the answers why

Innocent people and children die

In the blink of an eye

By the hands of some deranged guy

Who’s heart is bone dry

We all want to know why

But will never quite understand

the motive or plan

Firsthand, the awful terror domain

too many victims slain

by individuals  who are insane

with a diseased brain

who loads, pull the trigger and aim

Without any shame

 or regard for the human heart….

beat  he took away

never to play, another day

I feel dismay

 by our societal decay

 the intentional array

of bullets everyday

released by deliberate gun play

that takes innocent lives away

it’s too much to look the other way

America is in disarray

Let us all join together and pray

And believe God will make a better day.


Shivendra aka Poetess Oddisee aka Da Write Chick

copyright 2012





4 thoughts on “Too Many Lives Lost…

  1. mywrite2live

    Fiyah! Too hot to cool, to smooth to lose, thought provoking leave me choking on the truth, written with intent to produce and teach the youth, thats coming up from the bottom through the roof! Love it! Keep writing! I am Roslyn


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