Trapped In Misery!

Trapped In Misery!


She didn’t know how to escape and run

Her heart wouldn’t let her flee

Battered and bruised she became

Addicted to pain and misery

She nurtured and embraced her life as she knew it to be

Dying a slow death captivated by love’s fallacy

The imaginary tale, the one she wanted to believe

That love sometimes hurt; her soul she so deceived

Drifting into a fantasy, a world of make believe

Her bruises healed and left no scars, is what she chose to receive;

Her world conceived in physical turmoil, languished in injury

As days, months and time passed on she’s hoping for change

10 years in and things remained the same

Shattered beyond the external beatings she endured

Wounds split, by his violent countenance, her spirit hooked and lured

One day things would change her soul and mind she falsely reassured.

Hoping for strength to maintain her perception blurred and obscured

Believing that his internal wounds could be one day cured,

Nursing his faults, cradling his vicious allure

Praying that God will intervene and create a divine detour!

She believed that Love is real, change can happen, things can be made pure!

 Shivendra aka Da Write Chick


Previously Published in B EPIC MAG!  Oct 2013 issue for Domestic Violence Awareness

15 thoughts on “Trapped In Misery!

  1. Nadyess

    Beautiful and heart touching! I think if she keep believing the changes will happen one day ’cause she’s praying. That’s good! Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Da Write Chick Post author

      Thanks so much! This was written for domestic violence awareness. I really appreciate you reading and enjoying my work! I’m truly humbled by your sincere and kind expressions 🙂

      1. Ms. Vee

        I understand the plight of domestic violence. It’s a dangerous vicious cycle. Many of the victims hide the scars and bear the pain. So sad.

  2. ShelbyCourtland

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you also for writing on this horror that is victimizing people every single day. Many feel that they are trapped and therefore, believe that all is hopeless. I, too am trying to bring awareness that there is a way out. It may not be easy, but the alternative is unthinkable!

    Bless you for posting this!!!

  3. Miss Lou

    Confronting and so difficult to read in some parts.

    Watching my own mother get caught up (and get us caught up) in the very violent world of Domestic Violence, this really hits home.

    I honestly believe this happens so much more than anyone realizes. Sharing in this way helps to break down the stereotypes and barriers victims face, preventing them from coming forward and getting the help they need.

    Thanks for sharing!



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