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So excited, So elated
To watch the 57 th inauguration
Of the 44th President of our nation
On this great ML King day
We give honor to the many that paved the way
As we celebrate, congratulate, and meditate
On the progress of change that rearranged our history.
We delight in the victory, a thrill to see so many Americans
In unity working, living, playing, laughing, and loving together.
Embracing and facing the many endeavors that we endure to be free
The freedom that rings, as we dance and sing our songs.
The beginning has truly just begun, so much to still overcome.
The dream has manifest
As President Obama attest
To continue to do his best
Freedom of change is his quest
But we can all say yes as we recognize what we profess about change
It is more than physical but a mindset,
that sets to go beyond limits
choosing, moving, refusing to see any perceived boundary
we all can profoundly proclaim to help maintain the winds of change
through Love, Hope and Peace….

Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee


The path of success is a maze

Not seen through the gloomy haze

of twisted one side ways

in fact there is more than one track

or pathway to the map of the trail

overcoming the obstacles entails

the fighting courage to prevail

in the midst of this hell

planning to succeed and never to fail

appears bleak through the veil

keep on going and pushing break the barrier scale.

Have Faith and it’ll all turn out well.


Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee

copyright protected 🙂

Flying High

Have you ever watched a bird fly?
Soaring wings across the sky
fearless, courageous, steady glide
on his journey, his morning ride
filled with glory and with pride
Circling carelessly above real high…

A picture of beauty above the tide.
Floating above the earth, clouds and trees so high…
Dropping in occasionally nesting and resting on passersby..
What a mighty brave thing to fly so high..
filled with perfections on his steady glide.
Not missing a beat to stop by and say “hi”

Have you ever watched a bird fly?
Gliding joyously above the sky..
Next time you see a bird
watch how high it flies…
it flies.. it flies.. so high

Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee