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Those Words

Some words are meant to be verbalized and said

Some words are meant to be processed and read

Some words are meant to be nourished and fed

Some words are meant to be kept and suppressed in my head

Not to be released, instead I try to keep the peace

Maintain and tame that inner beast

That wants to feast, explode, release, and let go

Cause’ a fit, spit, emit, and implode

Stomp hard, discharge as I utter and blow, chatter and throw

Flow and say whatever that comes to the mental lobe

 A cognitive strobe of the cerebral globe creates a temporary file download

So, Instead I pause, cause and reflect before I eject

Something I might regret, I redirect

Scroll, hold, shape and mold those letters to form the correct words

Emotions transferred, Senses conferred

Syllables flew like birds to shape, formulate proper nouns and verbs

 Speech flock now disturbed

The rationale of my dome deferred, stirred, slightly blurred

If words are just words why are some never really heard?

But yet we compromise, by telling lies, then despise our outcomes

That could’ve been prevented, had we not segmented, circumvented the truth

It has now been misrepresented as we vented only fragmented

pieces of our feelings and thoughts

That ought to be, spoken prudently without scrutiny, truthfully… those words.

Are just words and must be said…release those words from your head.

COPYRIGHT PROTECTED 🙂 Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee


The path of success is a maze

Not seen through the gloomy haze

of twisted one side ways

in fact there is more than one track

or pathway to the map of the trail

overcoming the obstacles entails

the fighting courage to prevail

in the midst of this hell

planning to succeed and never to fail

appears bleak through the veil

keep on going and pushing break the barrier scale.

Have Faith and it’ll all turn out well.


Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee

copyright protected 🙂

Flying High

Have you ever watched a bird fly?
Soaring wings across the sky
fearless, courageous, steady glide
on his journey, his morning ride
filled with glory and with pride
Circling carelessly above real high…

A picture of beauty above the tide.
Floating above the earth, clouds and trees so high…
Dropping in occasionally nesting and resting on passersby..
What a mighty brave thing to fly so high..
filled with perfections on his steady glide.
Not missing a beat to stop by and say “hi”

Have you ever watched a bird fly?
Gliding joyously above the sky..
Next time you see a bird
watch how high it flies…
it flies.. it flies.. so high

Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee

America United

America United

United we stand
together we fall
invisible to many
now apparent to all,
A nation once ran by man,
proudly bow their heads in public again.
Once corrupt, separate and unequal
we now want justice for all American people.
Divided by our socio-economic inquity,
we now declare a spiritual unity,
The apparent need for a higher divinity,
a greater power than any enemy.
Together we all stand, prayerful as one..

Shivendra aka Da Write Chick aka Poetess Oddisee

copyright protected 🙂